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About the directors

Cousins Mitchell and Josh come from the same hard working Waikato farming family. 

For years, Mitchell worked hard for an exterior house cleaning business in Auckland. It is there he learnt the gift of the trade, looking after Aucklands wide range of old and new homes. Post Covid-19 disruptions, Mitchell moved down to Cambridge to be closer to family.

Josh on the other hand, learnt the gift of business and customer satisfaction by establishing Sunny Nelson Real Fruit Ice Cream parlour in Hamilton in 2018. As great as summer is for ice cream, 'what else do you do on a rainy Winters day when you run an ice cream shop' Josh would say.

So combining Mitchell's experience to run operations and Josh's business appeal to administrate, they started DryGutts. Initially to clean out blocked gutters to prevent building leaks (thus clean gutters, dry homes.. DryGutts), they then found a need to provide the full exterior house wash service.

Now the DryGutts team is an established Waikato company committed to providing the best for their clients from customer service to healthy end results owners can feel great about.  

'Good as Gold' as Grandad says, back to where it all started in the Waikato.

What we do in a nutshell

Exterior wash service for commercial buildings and residential homes around Hamilton and surrounding Waikato areas. 

Services include: gutter clearing/ gutter repairs, roof cleaning/ roof treatment, external house & building wash, insect control treatments, exterior window cleaning, driveway cleans, and all other water blasting and chemical treatment cleaning services.


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