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Hamilton House Washing & Exterior Cleaning Specialists

Welcome to DryGutts

DryGutts specialise in house washing and exterior cleaning services. We offer professional and affordable cleaning services in the Hamilton area to help keep your home looking clean and healthy. With our meticulous attention to detail and use of only the highest quality materials and equipment, you can enjoy the transformation your home takes after our exterior cleaning service.

House Washing and Exterior Cleaning Services

Full House Package Deal!

Free exterior window clean and insect control treatment - save up to $500

Full House Package includes house wash, roof wash / treatment gutter clean, and deck / concrete surface clean.

House Washing in Hamilton

With the most effective, eco-friendly detergents, our team is committed to washing the exterior of your home, restoring its original splendor and beauty.

We specialise in removing dirt, dust and grime from the exterior of your home, improving its appearance and ensuring it is well protected from the elements.

Our professionals are trained in proper house washing techniques and take pride in providing top quality service that meets our customers’ expectations.

Roof Moss Treatments

DryGutts provide effective roof treatment services to our Hamilton clients, using dispensed power-washing and eco-friendly chemicals to remove dirt, mould, moss, mould, algae and other contaminants from your roof.

All treatments are tailored to suit your individual needs and come with a warranty of satisfaction.

With our state-of-the-art equipment and experienced team, we ensure that your roof gets the professional care and attention it needs to restore its original appearance and performance.

These guys were great - the whole team!

These guys were great - the whole team. Super professional, genuine and just all around nice to deal with. Mitch did an over and above job on washing well crusted grime and lichen out of my old gutters (which feed my drinking water), took care of some leaking spots nicely and double checked the job was well done.

They look beautiful! Thanks Josh, Mitchell and Rebecca 👍

Chelsey Stewart, Hamilton

It is not often that integrity and professionalism comes first!

Thank you so much for DryGutts for coming out to my home quickly and assessing my queries. Even though I did not need my gutters cleaned in the end you did not try a hard sell. I truly appreciated your honesty and advice that had no benefits to your business.

Thank you again for your kindness. I would highly recommend DryGutts for any of your gutter needs.

Tina Anderson, Hamilton

DryGutts did an amazing job on our doer-upper of a house

We've not had time to do the gutters with all the reno work we're doing. DyGutts made the job look so easy and this is for gutters that had areas of plantation growing. DryGutts disconnected all the down pipes as we're on tank and set them all back up real quick.

Will have DryGutts back at our place again in another 6-12 months to do a full house wash.

Stuart Shepherd, Hamilton

Roof Cleaning

Are you looking for a reliable roof cleaning specialist in New Zealand? DryGutts are leading experts in house washing and roof cleaning in New Zealand.

Our team of experienced cleaners use safe chemicals and high-quality pressure washers to ensure the highest standard of roof sanitation.

By cleaning and washing your roof, we will extend its life and improve its appearance making it look as good as new! We also provide detailed inspections to identify damage from wood rot or other moisture related problems.

Driveway and Surface Cleaning

If you're looking for a professional, eco-friendly and cost-effective way to make your home look its best, you've come to the right place.

We use a soft washing technique to thoroughly clean driveways and other surfaces, eliminating dirt, mould, mildew and algae without any harsh chemicals.

We are experts in the field and specialize in residential properties - no commercial jobs too big or small.

Take the stress out of keeping your home looking spick and span and let us tackle the tough work, you won't regret it!

We are very impressed by the results

We have had a very positive experience with DryGutts. From the prompt response  and very professional assessment was made, with detailed images of the roof. The work was done with a minimum of fuss and very expertly.

We’ve had various other contractors before and never had such a good experience. I thoroughly recommend them!

Theo Gregor, Hamilton

I am so pleased I chose this company

Best service! I am so pleased I chose this company. The whole team - administration and operators were impressive. Professional, do what they say they will do and do it beyond expectation, so pleasant and helpful.

The house looks totally different and will continue to look so as I am definitely having them back again!

Anca Ryan, Hamilton

Loved the honesty when given a quote

Loved the honesty when given a quote, not charging for more than necessary, particularly gutters which weren't too bad. Quote & work completed and what a pleasure it has been to deal with everyone in the company.

Their honesty, workmanship, helpfulness & good value is so much appreciated.

Chelsey Stewart, Hamilton

Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning is essential to preserving the integrity of your home’s roof and exterior. Without regular maintenance, dirt and debris can accumulate in your gutters and cause blockages, which can lead to major damage and costly repairs.

As house washing and gutter cleaning specialists, we provide gutter cleaning services to make sure your gutters are clear of any dirt, leaves, or debris. We'll take extra steps to inspect and clean your gutters to ensure they are draining properly and efficiently.

We will also give your roof a thorough inspection to make sure all your gutters are in optimal condition to protect your home from water damage.

Honest and genuine, polite and professional

Requested a quote for gutters to be cleared. Instant response and I accepted. Polite and professional operator.

When work completed was advised the cost would be reduced as the job proved to be easier and less time consuming than anticipated. From what I thought was a FAIR quote I was pleasantly surprised to find the account reduced by 40%.

Very impressed to deal with such honest and genuine operators.
Highly recommend and I will continue to use DryGutts services.

Joan Thomas, Hamilton

Overall great customer service. 

Josh, Mitch, devina are awesome. The experience from the beginning until the end has been great. Prompt communication and you get what has been promised. Would surely use their service in the future and would strongly recommend them.

I like the fact they go the extra mile by visiting the property and see the scope of work before they quote.

They do realize the fact that one size does not fit all. Continue doing the great work with honesty and dedication.

Huzefa Sawliwala, Hamilton

Responded very promptly with a very reasonable price!

Came across DryGutts at the perfect time as my property is overdue for a roof treatment. Josh responded to my quote request very promptly with a very reasonable price! The job was done about a week from when I requested.

Also, really appreciated Josh who pointed out to me while he was up on the roof that he noticed smell of gas - which allowed me to check for potential gas leak that would've gone unnoticed!

100% would recommend him to anyone!

David Ting, Hamilton

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What we do in a nutshell

DryGutts  are leading specialists in house washing and exterior cleaning services in the Hamilton areas.

We hold ourselves to a high standard of fair pricing and quick communication regarding your house washing needs.  Our commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in the many customer referrals that have contributed greatly to the growing success of DryGutts.

We also take responsibility to ensure we use soft washing technology that won't harm loved pets or plants. Ask us about our treatments and processes for your peace of mind around your property.

Our team of trusted and reliable house and roof washing specialists are Hamilton locals, so you can rest assured you're receiving the highest quality of service.

Get the guttsy job done with the DryGutts team! 


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